Home Sans WiFi

I just cancelled the internet at my apartment and it’s proving to be one of the most freeing experiences of my life. I felt like I was a slave to it, the internet, that is. I love playing Hearthstone and World of Warcraft and watching movies on netflix. These are great things. However, when they started to become my default I knew something had to change. They represented a path of least resistance that made It was waaaay to easy to ignore life’s calls to action; the scary challenges life gives you; the ones you know will be good for you if you can master the fear they illicit when you think about accepting them. It was becoming frustratingly easy to envelope myself in the multicolored world of multimedia.

So I turned it off… at home at least. 

I’m excited to seek out where I can access the internet for free that also have a strict open and close time. I’m looking forward to planning my internet time. I’ll use the internet as the wonderfully powerful tool that it is and then when that feeling of over-consumption starts to I can just leave the coffee shop or the library and go home to my apartment; a cozy quiet haven of mindful eating and the reading of real books.

I’m excited to let people see me playing my games like HS and WoW. I hope people will come up to me and comment and tell me how they play or used to play or say “Hey, that looks like fun… what is it?”

Who knows where this experiment will take me? :D